EntityFramework (ef) Commands Overview

Code First development using Entity Framework is really helpful. It allows you to keep your database schema in code. When you code is controlled by a good VCS like git you have a powerful configuration for development.

Jekyll SEO - Draw Readers

How do you get people to your blog? Through search engine optimization (SEO). What is SEO? Simply put it’s adding special elements to your site that search engines are looking for. These normally include a site map and meta tags.

Jekyll Drafts - Write, review, rewrite, post

In my blogging past I did a lot with a blogging CMS. One of the features I really loved was the ability to write drafts.

Configure Jekyll

Your _config.yml is the first place you should start when configuring your site. This is where basic site configuration information is stored. This file can get rather complicated but let’s first take a look at the basics.

Jekyll Install Tutorial

There are a ton of much better posts on the Internet about how to create and setup a Jekyll blog, but this post exists because I wanted to chronicle my journey to setup a free blog that I can truly call mine.